Al's Breakfast
414 14th Ave. SE
Dinkytown, MN 55414
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M-Th: 6a-1p
F: 9a-1p
S: 9a-1p

-Neighborhood Residential
-Dinkytown Parking Lot

Phone: (612) 331-9991

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Al's Breakfast - Dinkytown -
Al's Breakfast, Dinkytown
Since 1950, Al's Breakfast has been serving no-frills hardy breakfast to the Dinkytown, Minneapolis community north of the University of Minnesota. It is located in a tattered, 10ft-wide shack crammed into an alleyway between two buildings.

Dinky Tip: There are only 14 seats at Al's Breakfast so you will probably be waiting in line, but it’s worth the wait.

Dinky Tip: Don’t be surprised if you shuffle to a different seat 1-2 times throughout your meal at Al's Breakfast. It is done to accommodate new groups of hungry breakfasters that want to sit together. The regulars are used to it so just go with the flow; it’s all part of the experience.